Our Services: Living Almost Like at Home

Whether it's helping with the little things of daily life as a senior citizen or a high degree of attention and care - our work always focuses on the people who need attention and care. They are entitled to a life under decent conditions and adapted to their lifestyle habits. Esteem, respect, understanding and sensitivity all shape how our qualified and dedicated nursing staff deal with residents, thus creating a trusting and personal relationship.

Overview of Our Assisted Living Home and Care Giving Services

Assisted Living

The facilities, offerings, and care provided by Graystone Life Care enable our residents to lead a comfortable and yet independent life, even in their senior years.


Long Term Resident Care

Gentle care around the clock: Our qualified caregiving staff provides care for the elderly 24 hours per day.


Our Dementia Care 

For those who suffer from mild dementia care circumstances but are still substantially cognitive, we have trained caregivers. Because people who suffer from dementia in their senior years need special attention and help - our dementia caregivers are equipped and specially trained for these needs. Residents admitted with mild memory loss conditions must meet the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Requirements to qualify for residency.